Hacking the Draft (eBook)

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Have you dreamed of playing professional baseball?

Do you know what scouts are looking for?

This is the training guide that will turn traditional baseball recruiting upside down!  You will learn you don't have to be a top prospect to get drafted.  This eBook reveals you may not even have to be a good player at all! You just need to know how scouts grade players and what they are looking for. Once you know that, you can train for specific tools scouts want to see and drastically increase your chances of getting chosen in the Major League Draft!  

This eBook is a first hand account of how I was able to get drafted with very little talent. With over 100 pages of hacks, tips, and actionable advice, you too may have your shot at professional baseball!  


"Whether you are a high school player trying to get a scholarship or a college player trying to go pro; Hacking the Draft is your "get on the radar" manual.  Ryan Bear tells all.  Learn about all the little intricacies that college recruiters and pro scouts are looking for in a player. 


- Benny Castillo, Former Professional Coach - Tigers, Marlins

"Bear speaks the truth about baseball and life, this book spells it out. He worked for it, lived it, and proved it! If there was one guy hitting with the game on the line you wanted Ryan Bear, you knew he was over prepared. He pushed himself, me, and others to new levels, always wanting more. This book lines it up for the guys that want more out of themselves and their careers!"


-Pat Arlis, former professional player - Marlins, Brewers

 **Disclaimer -There are no shortcuts to getting drafted by a professional baseball team. YOU MUST PUT IN THE WORK!**