Start Training for the Baseball Draft Now!


Training for the Baseball Draft.

Do you dream of playing pro baseball but you’re not a prospect?

No problem.

I was not a prospect at all. In fact, I didn’t even have a single scholarship offer to play college ball. I walked on to the local junior college team. From there I learned exactly what it took to get noticed by major college and pro scouts.

This training guide will show you first hand what I learned. It will show how I went from Juco walk-on to playing in major league spring training games against some of baseballs greatest players.

If you’re ready to take your game to the next level, if you’re ready to realize your dream, then download this training guide now and start your journey immediately!

 Hacking the Draft

Download the Ultimate Training Guide - How to Get Drafted by a Major League Team

Here's what pro players & coaches are saying about the Hacking the Draft...


"Whether you are a high school player trying to get a scholarship or a college player trying to go pro; Hacking the Draft is your "get on the radar" manual.  Ryan Bear tells all.  Learn about all the little intricacies that college recruiters and pro scouts are looking for in a player. 


- Benny Castillo, Former Professional Coach - Tigers, Marlins


In my 16 years of playing and coaching professionally, no player has gotten more out of their natural ability than Ryan Bear. He epitomizes grit and tenacity. He knows what it takes to be a professional baseball player and shares his knowledge in this guide with refreshing honesty and candor. If you are looking for that slight edge, to get over the hump and get into the pro game, this is the eBook for you.


- Chase Lambin, Minor League Hitting Coach - Texas Rangers


"Bear speaks the truth about baseball and life, this book spells it out. He worked for it, lived it, and proved it! If there was one guy hitting with the game on the line you wanted Ryan Bear, you knew he was over prepared. He pushed himself, me, and others to new levels, always wanting more. This book lines it up for the guys that want more out of themselves and their careers!"


- Pat Arlis, former professional player - Marlins, Brewers


Bear was one of the best teammates I ever played with. He had an accelerated enthusiasm and passion for the game that was unmatched. Those who questioned his abilities simply fueled his will and determination as he climbed his way into and through the ranks of professional baseball. Bear studied the game and practiced the game striving for nothing short of perfection and dominance. If there was one man you could count on leaving everything he had on the field day in and day out, it was Bear.


- Ryan Schade, Former Minor League Player - Marlins


Ballplayers gravitate towards other ballplayers no matter what dugout or locker room they are in. Bear was a guy that I went to the first day I met him. After throwing a short hop off his knee cap, I knew we were going to be not only teammates, but friends.  We talked training, hitting, nutrition, and dominating the game. We would get together for workouts before spring training to get dialed in. We took pride in lifting daily and being one of the first to the yard. From ripping in the cage before the sun comes up to crushing coffee before a night workout to talking about crushing baseballs a mile, Bear is a great baseball man. My son that can't walk or read yet will read this book!


- Steve Gendron, Former Professional Player and Owner of Excel Baseball Academy

Download the Ultimate Training Guide - How to Get Drafted by a Major League Team


Ryan Bear, author of How to Get Drafted by a Major League Team


The purpose of this training guide is to show young players that you don't need to be extremely talented to get drafted. I did not have superior athletic talent. I didn't even play 4 years of varsity baseball in high school. I walked on to the local junior college baseball team with only an academic scholarship. I worked hard and studied the game to learn exactly how scouts grade and evaluate players. Using that knowledge and a relentless work ethic, I honed the little skill I did have and earned my shot at professional baseball. With the information in this guide you can too!                                  

-Ryan Bear, Author

Former Juco Walk-on                   

Chosen in the 30th Rd 2003 MLB Draft